Ida Dorthea


In the absence of any further interaction, the protagonist is left with the blue sky or the minimal interiors that barely reveal the background location. No, Ida Dorthea´s portraits are not immediately conventional. There is a different agreement. At the core of this arrangement is the understanding that the search is together. Her companion embodies a documentary of their shared time. These pictures glow in bright, glaring colours, as if to underscore the uniqueness of the moment. From the top of them, the brown eyes are sometimes staring at her, waiting calmly, as if the frame of the picture was building a tight shelter around him, wherever they are. It reminds me a poem of Lois Pereiro that I cannot even recall it. I just remember I read it in summer and it talks about escaping.


Limitless in tides, the purple pace of ships without needle. 

Fizzy clothes when the salary exists

Of those who look down on us

in the extension of the eye 

that musical light only the spirit perceives. 

Lois Pereiro –


Translated poem from Galician

photographySara Pena