Utopia of a forest in the 3000


Real and virtual were two different concepts one thousand years ago. Today, 14th of may 3000, this distinction between tangible and digital world has changed.

We are machines that can breathe, human bodies with battery. We don’t distinguish our actions from our thoughts because they are the same. Our ideas become real just by imagining them and our friends can touch us thousands of kilometres away.

Fictitious appearances represent today real feelings which were considered virtual a thousand of years ago. And close relations, for all of us unknown but so much respected before, were the only real ones.


What will humans look like in 1000 years?

Humans have changed dramatically in our 200,000 years of existence. We've gotten taller, we live longer, and we're smarter. We've built giant cities, domesticated animals and plants, and created and destroyed ecosystem. And the technology we build is progressing at a blistering pace. And that pace keeps picking up.

Humans are already implanting devices in their bodies to make themselves more connected to technology. There's an entire community of people called body hackers that have implants that allow them to do things like unlock doors with the swipe of their hand, play music only they can hear without earbuds, and control small electronics. 

But in a 1,000 years this tech will be much more advanced. Tiny electronics attached or implanted directly in our bodies could make our immune systems stronger and help fight diseases, programmed nanobots could revolutionize surgery, and brain implants could make us smarter and even capable of instantly downloading skills like in "The Matrix" or accessing the internet with just our thoughts.

With Utopia of a forest in the 3000 we have a glimpse of how we could be, perhaps an hybrid between humans and machines.